The HurryCane®: Dignity through Mobility

Traditional canes are designed to support users as they stand still in one place the problem for most users is that life doesn't allow them to stand still for very long. The Hurry Cane® takes into consideration a person's need to move to remain productive throughout their day.

The cane grants users support to get up from their seats, climb stairs and even allows them the use of both their hands without having to balance their canes on something. Because the HurryCane® is built to act as an extension of the body, inspired by a human's natural movements, the cane offers more support, stability and balance.

This advanced cane grounds users with three points of contact to provide sure footing on any surface. The cane has the ability to naturally simulate an individual's walking movements while providing traction from every angle. The HurryCane® mimics a human ankle by pivoting to provide support while getting up, turning or walking up an incline. While providing a full-range of motion, all three points remain locked on the ground.

The cane is easy to store in a purse or glove compartment, making travel easier than ever. With three folding points, the cane folds up instantly while still providing support to up to 350 pounds of pressure. When folded, the cane is as small as 13 and 3/4 inches and when needed again, it opens back up just as quickly.

The cane is also engineered to adjust to a person's height with the push of a button. Users can quickly expand and contract the cane to find their ideal cane height. The cane also comes with a tension setting to suit everyone's needs.

The History of Traditional Canes

To develop this revolutionary cane, the makers of The HurryCane® studied prosthetic limbs and the individuals who use them. They sought to understand the needs and challenges of those needing support while standing or walking to develop the most advanced cane on the market.

The company built this cane as if it were an extension of the body rather than a separate entity. The design can stand upright without help and can cross sand, gravel and snow covered surfaces better than traditional canes. This cane's ability to cross all terrains makes it a perfect compliment to maintain an active independent lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

This company not only has a quality-crafted product but a phonebook-thick database of clients singing their praises and touting their product.

Alice D. was hesitant about her trip to China after a knee injury. She borrowed a neighbor's HurryCane® for the trip and was surprised at how easily she was able to travel with it. She could fold it easily for convenient travel and even maintain support on rugged terrain.

Robert P. from Farmville, Virginia, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 62. With the shift of his equilibrium, Robert found maintaining his balance was a constant struggle. Robert relied on traditional canes until he saw an ad for the cane. After receiving his new cane, Robert told the company, I think this is the best invention of the 21st century.

After Joseph R. received his second spinal surgery, walking up the steep inclines and rugged terrain of his Malibu home became impossible. He found The HurryCane® and was able to return him to his daily walks. A similar story is found with John B. from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

John and his wife maintain a 270-year-old farm home. The 17 rooms of the home require constant maintenance, which means several trips up and down stairs a day. After ordering his cane, John started referring to it as the “Cadillac of canes. He says the craftsmanship is exception and the design is well thought out.

Gwendolyn P. from Gainsville, Virginia, regained her mobility with her cane. She considers the cane a Godsend after undergoing intense back surgery for a chipped vertebrae. Gwen was forced to rely on a maid for even the most basic of house chores before finding this product.

Customer Service

To assist their customers, the company's customer service staff is available Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central Standard Time and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. The company is located out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

With excessive use, the cane's rubber grips will eventually wear down. To keep proper traction, replacement feet are available on the company's website. Ordering an extra pair of rubber feet is recommended to stay prepared when on trips or vacation.

Replacement feet are easy to install. Each set comes with a set of instructions should users have any difficulty. One replacement set contains three feet.

Who Does The HurryCane® Help?

This cane was developed to assist a wide range of individuals. In fact, the product is able to address the mobility needs of people who experience a variety of injury, health condition, and age related challenges.

Joint replacement patients often turn to this cane during recovery after hip and knee replacements. By using the cane, they are able to recuperate and again learn to walk over a variety of surfaces.

Seniors who live on their own also benefit from the cane. With the increased stability the product provides, elderly individuals are able to maintain their independence longer. The unique pivot system contributes greatly to improved mobility, as it allows individuals to move more naturally.

Finally, the cane is a great resource for individuals who suffer from health conditions that limit their mobility. These conditions, which may or may not stem from age, can greatly diminish a person's quality of life. By restoring mobility through the use of a cane, individuals can improve their lifestyles.

The HurryCane® is a wonderful resource for individuals facing mobility challenges. Through its innovative design, the HurryCane® allows users to move more naturally. Additionally, it can assist in recovery after major surgical procedures, such as hip and knee replacements. The chance to improve mobility and increase activity is one that many users of the HurryCane® are glad they took!

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